GAVI del Comune di Gavi D.O.C.G.

Made exclusively from Cortese grapes grown within the district of Gavi, it is a fresh and lively wine, that is very drinkable.

The bouquet is fruity and floral with mineral notes. It is pleasantly dry, with an elegant, well-balanced acidity and a delicately almond-flavoured finale.

VINEYARD: Cortese 100%.

SOIL COMPOSITION: Calcareous, marl.

EXPOSURE: SouthWest.

MICROCLIMATE: Medium temperate with sea breezes.


YEALD/Ha: 8.000 kg/ha.

COLOUR: Straw-yellow with greenish tinges.

AROMA: Intense, characteristic and very delicate, recalling bitter almonds.

TASTE: Dry, clean, very harmonious acidity, almondy, with a good balance between nose and taste.

FOOD AFFINITY: Excellent as an aperitif, it goes very well with all starters, light first courses and fish, especially shellfish.

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