A sweet wine, with an unmistakable aroma. The nose has notes of rose and orange blossom, with sage, lemon, peach and apricot.

The palate is fresh and pleasant, with a wealth of floral and fruity overtones.

VINEYARD: Moscato 100%.

SOIL COMPOSITION: Calcareous marl.

MICROCLIMATE: Medium temperate.

YEALD/Ha: 7.500 kg/ha.

COLOUR: Golden yellow of varying intensity.

AROMA: Fragrant, delicate, floral hints, green apple, sage, lemon and orange flower.

TASTE: Sweet wine with a rather low degree of alcohol.

FOOD AFFINITY: All sweets and desserts, especially dry cakes. It is pleasant to be tasted and must be drunk cool and young to appreciate its scent. To be served at a temperature of 8°/10° C